Thursday, April 22, 2010

Urban Geometry 1

From Hoboken, shooting across the Hudson River at the Chelsea are of Lower Manhattan. The bluish building at center-left is a new apartment building designed by Jean Nouvel. The whitish building at the right edge was designed by Frank Gehry and is the headquarters for IAC / InterActiveCorp. Dame Chaos designed the scene.

In Jersey City, looking East on 12th Street toward the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. I haven’t got the foggiest idea who designed all those signs, but I’ll bet some agency was paid big money to design, test, and vet the logos. Set design by Frank Fractal.

From the Eastern edge of Governors Island, looking, I believe, NNW at the southern tip of Manhattan. The sleek skyscraper to the right of center used to house the offices of TIAA-CREF; now it’s just an elegant office building with gorgeous views of New York Harbor. The concrete structure at the right edge is a ventilation tower for a tunnel connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. The tug in the foreground is berthed on Governors Island, off the Southern tip of Manhattan.

Larger versions of these images are available at my Flicker site; top, middle, bottom, respectively.

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