Sunday, July 22, 2012

From Yesterday's Catch


The thing about butterflies is, not only are the reluctant to pose for the camera, they fly such flitty and irregular paths that you can't track them in flight, like you can birds. I suppose that's their way of avoiding getting eaten by birds. So, I spent 10 or 15 minutes following this butterfly around the garden and, nice as could be, it poses.


Most of this shot is out-of-focus, That, of course, is deliberate. Not that I deliberately de-focused the shot. Rather, I was intent on shooting those translucent stalks of Swiss chard. That's where I focussed. As a side-effect, most of the shot then had to be out of focus. To be sure, I could have gone for greater depth of field. But I longer ago decided that didn't interest me. Why have everything in focus? It's not as though there's any mystery about what these objects are.


Dawn in the garden. But where are Adam and Eve?

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