Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bulletin: KidZ Dig Worms

First, the Big Dig. Last year on Oct. 22 hundreds of citizens of Jersey City fanned out across the city and planted 10s of 1000s flowers. We did it again this year on Oct. 27. One thing I was reminded of on both occasions is that children really dig worms. Here’s last year:


And this year:



  1. I wonder what the fascination with worms is, our kids at the HUB did the same thing, smile

  2. Maybe it's because they're so strange, and yet obviously alive.

  3. I had to work on an archeological dig with a soil scientist who had an irrational fear of such creatures.

  4. this calls for a long long exposition
    and i'm ready to go out there
    and be beaten by the wind and the dust

    you are opening a can of worms here and i think you do that intently since you know most of the answers

    and we have to recognize the double meaning since worms are in the dust and on the ground or sometimes if you dig the land you find them in there

    for the people who are on the land and with the animals
    worms and such smaller creatures are to be ignored or be stepped on (i.e. killed)

    if they are in there own space (out there) you just ignore them let them be
    if they enter you own space (be that a tree or a habitable space) then they are to be killed or chased away

    a worm in the tree means it can dig up your tree and render it useless dead (quince is just such a special case where it's practically impossible to eliminate the bugs and the worms in the form of larvae
    without obliterating the tree essentially itself - and sometimes quince even from the marketplace come with worms in them or they will if you leave them out there long enough
    in other fruit that can/has been successful)

    so people who have been alienated from the land (as you point out in another post) or have a distance to put it more neutrally
    have a special affection for the animals

    it is the "affective" people those who want to "tough" the "pliable"

    and i'm sure there are other people who even at a distance from the land (live in the city blocks or richer kids) have a disgust for such ("get it out of my house!"
    i can hear that scream coming from somewhere)

    that's also with petting of the sheep or the goats
    the people who have that animal in their living won't be attracted to such an endeavor and even think it as a laughing matter

    of course they will be attracted to the wolves and leopards and the tiger and the elephant which is out of their living

    and there are some people who remain kids in that sense and some with special intuitive powers (see the crocodile dundies and the other australian guy who unfortunately lost his life on it apparently he lost his contact with that inner force he lost his equilibrium that's my explanation for it)
    who have direct contact with the animal - and not through some mental metaphor "oh look at thaaaaaat!" and approach to touch the animal but the animal will shiver and get away

    most mothers have a direct connection to the kid the infant
    a certain man even if he emulates that wooing and cuing he will not have the same effect
    because it's emulation
    the kid will cry nonetheless

    i think it's that intuitive connection which is alive in kids

    but most adults move into the utility phase - the kid diminishes as in so many other endeavors they may step into a lighted clearing once in a while like when they are playing with their kids or are in such moods

    so it's special kind of people who want to touch the worms as there are special kind of people who want to "touch" the numbers etc

    and then look at this [please supply your own picture or imagination - i hope to find it one day]

    all i can see is WORMS

    bodily incoordinated people
    who follow their own dance