Monday, December 24, 2012

Bryant Watch: Serres on Science and Philosophy

Levi Bryant quotes from Michael SerresConversations on Science, Culture, and Time (p. 14)

Either science must develop its own intrinsic epistemology, in which case it is a question of science and not of epistemology, or else it’s a matter of external annotation– at best redundant and useless, at worst a commentary or even publicity.  
And (p. 29):
Epistemology requires one to learn science in order to commentate it badly, or worse, in order to recopy it.  Scientists themselves are better able to reflect on their material than the best epistemologists in the world– or at least more inventively.  
He further notes that "All these things are still seen everywhere today." OK. So why does he so  consistently "commentate it badly, or worse, in order to recopy it"? Is it because he summarizes science in the name of ontology and he feels he can get it wrong and it won't matter?

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