Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Inside Sandy Looking Out


I took this photo the day after hurricane Sandy rolled through Jersey City. The power was out in my apartment and the City, of course, was pretty much shut down. So what else was there for me to do but to photograph the damage.

This particular building is a small abandoned industrial building of some kind; it's off Aetna Drive near the place where the old Morris Canal feeds into New York Bay. Since the building is covered with graffiti inside and out I call it the Urban Design Center. The hole in the wall was there before Sandy – I've taken several shots though it, looking in, and looking out – and the floor was trashed. But most of this debris seems have been washed through by Sandy.

What I particularly like about this photo is the electrical line and junction box that hangs down along the right side of the hole – the way it just hangs there, waiting? The branches reaching over from the left, and the City beyond in the mist. Notice the blue and red along the left edge of the photo. On a door I believe.

Here's a shot through that hole that I took on July 30, 2011, early in the morning when the sun was still low in the sky:


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