Monday, September 15, 2014

How It's Done, Part 2: Tools and Methods (GVM008)

In the middle we have aerosol cans, the traditional medium of graffiti writers and used by street artists as well. The water is for thinning bucket paint. In the back we have a roller handle:

20140907-IMGP0170 V4

Touch-up with short-handled roller:

20140907-IMGP0161 V4

Drawing the body with a long-handled roller:


Hand-cut stencils; notice the gloves at the left:


Using a stencil to make one of the hundred's of diamonds in the woman's dress:


Detail work with a brush (very old school, of course, even Old Masters). Notice Vexta's respirator at right (not at all Old Masters, those dudes breathed the straight turpentine):


Stencils, well-used. Notice the tether cable at the right:

20140911-IMGP0323 V4

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