Thursday, February 5, 2015

Study: Window sill objects, light

20150117-_IGP2224 EQ SatFd

What the title says, just objects on my window sill. Stacked at the left edge, a pack of kitchen matches on top of two plastic contains with pens and pencils in them. An empty milk bottle. An incense burner in the bottom of a take-out food contain. Just stuff.

From my point of view as a photographer, those things exist to modulate light, which is streaming in through the window at mid-day. You can see the light reflecting off the wires in the screen in the window. Through the window you see the apartment building across the street.

When rendering this image in Photoshop I ramped the saturation way up and then cut it back on a fade. The idea was to get some color in an image that was otherwise almost a monotone. I did the same thing with this one:

20150117-_IGP224 EQ6 Sat Fd

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