Monday, May 4, 2015

JC Pep Boys Graffiti Jam 2015: Lingering Commentary #GVM004 [@3QD]

I’ve got another post at 3 Quarks Daily: OK to Destroy: Jersey City’s Graffiti Jam of April 2015.

The building will be coming down not too long from now. Meanwhile there’s commentary and touch-up going on. Look at this photo, taken on the day of the jam, April 25:


If you look closely just below the center you’ll see the outline of a door which has the “Y” of Yoder’s piece looping across it.

This is a photo of that door taken a couple of days later, on April 28:


There’s a bunch of tags on the door. Now look at this photo, taken April 30:


The repair is far from perfect. The point simply is that it’s there, and it’s there even though everyone knows the building will be coming down in the very near future.

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