Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sandy Bay, Massachusetts

by Sally Benzon


Sandy Bay, Massachusetts
The Ending Is Undone

The homing nuclear calamity anchors sun-splitting sound
netted by all the world, its unmaking trawled without shores.

This moment exists for all time. Fusion new with choice
clears tomorrow’s waters. Does not ignore the longings

the fouled feelings of the god’s god jealous in body,
pleased by slavery & rape, bought by murder & blood.

A moment of seconds into the uprise, and absent chaos --
all memory evolves to change course without an ending war.

The forage by doubt magnifies land, air, and water
without fearing the hope of even one animal’s prophet.

Tides who squall for the decay of inordinate matter
instead drop the surface of the oceans into rain.

Alive in echoes whose sovereignty had been deceived,
quiet resounds, nameless. These seas. Guardian waves.

Smokey clouds flux to palest pink & ochre horizon.
The psalm of blue skies exclaims “Light! Always!”


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