Saturday, March 5, 2016

House of Cards, Wow!

As some of you may know, Netflix dropped the fourth season on Friday (that is, yesterday) and I've been working my way through it. As you know, it's one of these new-fangled quality TV/web shows that deals in nasty people doing nasty things. In this case a nasty congressman plotted and betrayed his way into the presidency, while committing a murder or two on the way. His wife was in on it.

But now we're breaking new ground (spoiler). He's given his wife permission to have an affair with another man. The three of them have just had breakfast together.

I know, it's not murder or beating or stabbing or back-stabbing, none of that. And people commit adultery all the time on TV (the web) as well as in real life. Married couples even have understandings about such things.

But not in the USofA. And it's one thing for the First Lady to put up with her husbands sexual adventures, but it's quite something else for the Prez to give the First Lady permission to take a lover and have him over for breakfast too. What a "partnership"!

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