Thursday, March 10, 2016

How do we calibrate machine accomplishments?

A Korean Go master is defeated by a computer for the second time:

And we've got the NYTimes calling a debate, once again, on AI: Does AlphaGo Mean Artificial Intelligence Is the Real Deal? Are we going to rehash this debate every-freakin' time a computer does something interesting? And how can we have a debate about the "real dealness" of AI when we barely know what intelligence is?

Meanwhile my Twitter feed also coughed-up this little clip of humanoid robots failing:

The interesting thing there is that they got far enough to fail.

Whatever it is that makes the human mind so special, it walks, talks, plays Go, and a million other things. These computers, interesting as they are, are specializes, very narrow specialists. So chillax! The Terminator is not around the corner.

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