Sunday, January 8, 2017

YIKES! Where are my glasses?

It had started snowing and it looked like the first real snow of the season. It had to get some photos. So I suited up – scarf, 35-year old down-filled jacket, warm fuzzy headband, and maroon GVJC cap – got my little point-and-shoot, and out I went into athe snow.

There was maybe and inch or an inch-and-a-half on the ground, enough to cover everything, and it was falling enough to fuzz everything up, though not blinding by any means. Caught these people on the street:


And I headed to the waterfront.


Would you be able to see Manhattan across the river?


Not so much. Caught a ferry coming into shore:


A small sailboat anchored in the cove:


This that and the other, a pick-up truck with a snowplow mounted:


And I headed back home (I’d only been around a couple of blocks).

First, however, I had to pick up some milk and bananas. I headed to Kings and no sooner had I walked inside when I noticed things seemed blurred. My glasses! Not on my face (I checked with my free hand.) Where are my glasses? I checked my jacket pocked, which didn’t make much sense because I never put them there, but where else could they be? and they weren’t there.

Where ARE my glasses?

Had I lost them in the snow? But how? I’ll never be able to find them. Even if I could retrace my steps, perhaps not so difficult as I’d not gone very far, it’s been snowing the whole time. They’ll be covered.

You see, focusing my point-and-shoot is different from focusing my DSL. I focus the DSL though the eye-piece and that’s adjusted to take account of my glasses. But the point-and-shoot has no eye-piece. You frame and focus shots with the LCD on the back. My prescription is set for a reading distance of 18 inches, and that’s too far for focusing the point-and-shoot. So when I take a shoot I hold my glasses in my left hand (while also supporting the camera) and then put them back on when I’ve taken the shot, or shots, as the case may be.

Had I dropped them? Failed to put them back on? Come to think of it, I don’t even remember taking them off to shoot.

None of this makes any sense.

That’s what went through my mind in a few seconds walking through Kings. And then I remembered. Just before leaving I’d taken my glasses off and set them on my desk while adjusting my headband. Had I just left them there?

I figured the best thing to do at that point was to buy the milk and bananas and go back to my apartment. If my glasses were there, fine and dandy. If not, well, maybe I’d attempt to retrace my steps and in any event it would only take five or ten minutes to do this so I’m not really losing much time. But, if I’ve really lost my glasses I was thinking while walking about to my place that’ll be tough. I don’t really have a spare pair. Sure, there’s my sunglasses, but they’re for distance only. My prescription’s 15 years old will the optometrist still have them on file and anyhow it’ll take awhile to get a new pair the $$$! the $$$! so what’ll I do then?

By now, of course gentle reader, you’ve pretty much figured out what happened, haven’t you? I got back, looked on the desk, and there they were, my glasses. Happy ending.

But how’d I manage to spend 45 minutes taking 140 photos and not notice that I wasn’t wearing my glasses?

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