Sunday, July 16, 2017

Luxury real estate & Trump: International networks of power crossing public and private boundaries – Published on Jul 14, 2017
00:26 Alex’s book Dictators Without Borders
04:29 Oligarchs and autocrats and kleptocrats, oh my!
10:52 Luxury real estate’s illicit money problem
22:11 The globalization of money laundering
30:12 Trump and networks of power
45:28 How Trump is blurring lines between business and politics
56:07 The slippery slope to kleptocracy

Daniel Nexon (The Duck of Minerva, Georgetown University) and Alexander Cooley (Columbia Harriman Institute, Barnard College, Dictators Without Borders)

Recorded on July 14, 2017

A most interesting discussion about how luxury real estate is a vehicle for money laundering & Trump's network extends into this world. "The lines between business and politics are not how we think about them."

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  1. Interesting. Years ago I wrote a paper on Medieval kingship. Noted when looking at one Ruler that he was distinctly Welsh in verse, utterly Norman in prose and I suspect that if it all went bad he may have ended up looking distinctly Irish (married into an Irish noble family).

    Seemed to me to be a feature of kingship in an uncertain political environment.

    I think it was a move deployed among the elite of a number of ethnic groups in early British society.