Saturday, November 25, 2017

Cleopatra enters Rome

This is the scene in Cleopatra, the 1963 historical epic, where Cleopatra enters Rome, where she meets Mark Antony, who would become the love of her life. At 5:53 Mark Antony remarks to Caesar, "Nothing like this has come into Rome since Romulus and Remus" – and they're weren't real, just myths. Finally, at about 6:04, we see Cleopatra, draped in gold, wearing a gold headpiece, and showing a bit of cleavage.

But no funk me pumps. FAKE NEWS!

She's enthroned between the paws of a large black sphinx pulled by a cast of thousands. She's higher than the mighty Caesar, who must thus look up to her. The ladies or Rome are looking mighty disgruntled. Bet they were waiting for the fuck me pumps.

The role of Cleopatra was played by Elizabeth Taylor. Richard Burton played Antony. Their behind the scenes love affair was the talk of the nation.

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