Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Fotos: My Flickr top 10

My most viewed 'photo' on Flickr has 12,273 views. But it's not actually a photo. It's a JPG of the front of a German newspaper with an nasty anti-Trump cartoon on it. I can see why it's so popular: it's topical. But since it isn't a photo and I didn't create it, I'm not listing it here. If your curious, here's the link.

Now we've got an actual photograph:


I like it. I think it's a good photograph, But it beats me why, at 7028 views it's my most popular photo. Same here. At 5857 views, this is second:


Nice photo. But really, are figs that popular/interesting? I really like this one, young cabbage right after the rain, 5445 views:


This next one, another mystery. Why 4952 views? It's not particularly attractive. Maybe it's the name I gave it – back when I suffered under the quaint idea that I should name photos I uploaded – "last flight to Jupiter blue". Maybe people were expecting a photo of Jupiter; maybe some even think that's what this is. NO. It's just an ordinary photograph of a small plane pulling a sign across the sky that I photoshopped at bit.

last flight to Jupiter blue

I did this one a year after "Jupiter blue". It's called "super secret government laboratory in a place that nobody can ever know about". That's almost believable, and it got me 4739 views.

super secret government laboratory in a place that nobody can ever know about

Took that on November 28, 2006. Took the next one on September 14, 2013; 4686. The appeal is obvious, no?

IMGP3639 – talk


I took these last four on the same day, eclipse day, August 21, 2017. 3927, 3904, 3898, and 3869 views respectively, top to bottom.





Again, the appeal is obvious. Perhaps not deep, but you don't always need deep.

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  1. The figs: the shape and how the colors how the blues and purples wash over so; elegant and primitive at once.