Monday, July 2, 2018

Things are (getting) too complicated

In the past few months I've been getting this vague sense that "things are too complicated." It just comes to me, this vague and weak feeling and this indistinct thought: It's too complicated.

What's too complicated, you ask. 

Just things, the way the world is going, various proposals about what we should do about global warming, nuclear weapons and war in general, health care, units of governance (the city, the nation, the world), information systems in keeping track of it all, AI–you know, THINGS.

I don't know where this feeling/thought is going. Maybe nowhere. Maybe not. Who knows. But it keeps coming back.

* * * * *

This, perhaps, is an example, and article about a partnership between Toronto and Google to develop a dozen waterside acres from the ground up.

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