Friday, January 4, 2019

Tree, sky, and clouds

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  1. Regarding your epigraph on landing on Mars
    I had a similar problem how to describe a color pattern

    right now I'm at a phase where I say the best way to describe a color pattern is the color pattern itself

    thus making a wild supposition that the brain has a vast array of patterns and any new pattern is instantly recognized

    no conversion to feature spaces and that junk - I now consider that junk although as a student I took as is

    I dont think the brain works with mathematical models as the hand does

    the only way you use Gaussian models is because you pay tribute to that guy or you want to sound fancy

    and you can throw some research that refutes this or rejects this or completely destroys this

    I dont care

    its my supposition and since I arrived at it it best fits me

    I dont care to use someone else's suppositions

    it even gives me the creeps to use some one else's supposition

    right now I'm segmenting images like this