Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Dialog Concerning Ethics and Ontology

This is an intervtion into the current fracas concerning ethics and ontology in speculative realism, object-oriented ontology, various and sundry new materialisms, the axiological topology of aesthetic manifolds in seven dimensions, flat soufflés in the Cantor set, and similar matters. It stars Jumper the Frog and Kong the Gorilla, proprietors of the Pacific Avenue Theater of Metaphysical Intervention.


* * * * * * *


Scene 1, Kong: Roar, roar, rooaaarrrr!


Scene 2, Jumper: Ribbitt, ribbit, riiibbitt.


Scene 3, Jumper, Kong, and the Purple Dragon of Immanence and Righteousness.

Kong: Whoopsie-doodle gee! Ulp.

Jumper: Whoopsie-doodle gee! Ulp.

The Purple Dragon of Immanence and Righteousness: Eat your vegetables, breath deeply, fart discretely, and learn to dance...Or else...

Jumper: ?????

Kong: ?????


Scene 4, Kong and Jumper.

Kong: Let's talk about it.

Jumper: I agree, but first...

Together: Let's have some vegetables! Wheee!

- The End -


  1. A line on a metamorphosis from Thompson's the Natural history of Ireland on a creature that caused horror and concern to the natives, that always makes me laugh.

    “My grandmother, who I find was born on the 6th of January, 1726, used to tell me, that when a girl at school she was taken some distance to see a frog that was exhibited as a show…”

    I have no idea if it involved a Gorilla as well. But who knows.

  2. "Ord. Love! Love! and then we hate! and what?

    and wherefore

    Hatred and Love! fancies opposed by fancies!

    What if one reptile sting another reptile?

    Where is the crime? The goodly face of nature

    Hath one disfeaturing stain the less upon it.

    Are we not all predestined transciency,

    And cold dishonour?.......

    (Teresa stops Listening).....

    Val. O mere madness!

    Remorse, A Tragedy in Five Acts