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Thirteen Ways To Think About An A.I.
Western Metaphysics is Imploding. Will We Raise a Phoenix from The Ashes? [Catalytic AI]
On the 12/8 Path with Charlie Keil
Some Scattered Thoughts about Maestro, Music, and the Meaning of It All


Aye Aye, Cap’n! Investing in AI is like buying shares in a whaling voyage captained by a man who knows all about ships and little about whales.
On the Road with The Out of Control Rhythm and Blues Band
Next year in Jerusalem: The brilliant ideas and radiant legacy of Miriam Lipschutz Yevick [in relation to current AI debates]
A New Counter Culture: From the Reification of IQ to the AI Apocalypse
Children in Search of the Dance, Some Informal Ethnographic Analysis
Black, White, and Blues: Notes on Music in America
Mind Hacks R Us: The Psychedelic Computer
Beyond artificial intelligence?
World, Mind, Learnability, Large Language Models, and the Metaphysical Structure of the Cosmos
From “Kubla Khan” through GPT and beyond
ChatGPT is a miracle of rare device. Here’s how I’m thinking about it.
A day in the life of Kimono Mom and Sutan
SBF from Girard to Dawkins to Xanadu


Conversing with ChatGPT about Jaws, Mimetic Desire, and Sacrifice
Dance to the Music: The Kids Owned the Day
All roads lead to Ukraine [war] – Scattered fragments of a [nuclear] memoir
On the Cult of AI Doom
Thriving and Jiving Among Friends and Family: The Place of Music in Everyday Life
Some Aspects of the Urban Pastoral
Welcome to the Fourth Arena – The World is Gifted
How me, 2 young girls, their father, and our imaginary friends discovered the Metaverse and thereby saved the world, a True Story
Tell me about the blues
Analyze This! AI meets Jerry Seinfeld
Shark City Sacrifice: A Girardian reading of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws
Roll over Beethoven: Where’d classical music go?
My Early Jazz Education: From the Firehouse to Louis Armstrong


Sonic Transportation: It shook me, the light!
Reality, what an idea! Here comes the Metaverse
In Praise of Women’s Hands
Timothy Morton Meditates on the Millennium Falcon and Futurality
51 Pacific and the Green Villain: Welcome to the Fun House

From “Forbidden Planet” to “The Terminator”: 1950s techno-utopia and the dystopian future
A perverse sense of intellectual honor is driving humanities scholars to disciplinary seppuku: Some personal reflections on the book, Permanent Crisis: The Humanities in a Disenchanted Age
To Understand the Mind We Must Build One, A Review of Models of the Mind – Bye Bye René, Hello Giambattista
Born to Groove: Up from Mud and Back to Our Roots
Religion, Legitimacy, and Government in America, A Just-So Story 

Jacob Collier, a 21st Century Mozart?
Some vignettes in the wake of a historic election [16 tons, where are we now?]
Some Varieties of Light
Direct Brain-to-Brain Thought Transfer is a High Tech Fantasy that Won’t Work
It took 13 years, but Jersey City finally has a poured-concrete SK8park – A story of local grass roots politics
An Electric Conversation with Hollis Robbins on the Black Sonnet Tradition, Progress, and AI, with Guest Appearances by Marcus Christian and GPT-3
From Progress Studies to Progress: Through decadence and beyond
A Fantasia on Irises
Can the pandemic serve America as the cradle for a rebirth of civil society?
Photos for a Time of Fever
Connecting with the Jazz Tradition: Studying with Frank Foster in Buffalo
TwoSet Violin, the best thing in music education since sliced bread
Of Ants And Humans: Some Principles Of Social Organization

Stations of the mind: Om to Eureka and beyond
Some notes on computers, AI, and the mind
Time travelers we are, each and all
Virtual Feudalism in the Twenty-First Century
“It got adults off your back” – Richard Macksey remembered
An Improviser Is Born
Up-River! The adventure of reality from Haggard to Conrad to Coppola to Bourdain
From tears to ecstasy, some aspects of musical performance
Seder-Masochism: Nina Paley began at the end and ended at the beginning
Thomas Naylor’s Paths Peace in a world of small states
First Man and a sense of the sacred
Neural Weather, An Informal Defense of Psychoanalytic Ideas
Is FDR the capital of the SK8board nation?


Wonderful Rainbow Aesthetics: The Song of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Bergen Arches: Living for the City
World Island: Zeal Means Hope [The World’s Got Talent]
Feed Me Donald! – Trump, Musk, The Internet, And Monsters From The Id
Through A 3D Glass Starkly, New York 2140 Redux
Three Children Of The Space Age: Elon Musk, Freeman Dyson, And Me
Disney’s Dumbo, Tripping The Elephants Electric
Grappling at the edges of reality with Joe Rogan
Gojira 1954: No More Nukes
Leapin’ Lizards: Three Lessons from Marching Band OR here at New Savanna
A look under the hood through the insane musical genius that is Mnozil Brass OR here at New Savanna
A post-apocalyptic heist: Commentary on a passage from New York 2140 OR here at New Savanna
The Day Pope Gregory Met Sidney Bechet and the Walls Came Tumbling Down


Moretti and the Stanford Literary Lab: Computational criticism in two senses and the prospect of a new approach to literary studies, a downloadable version with additions
Old School: Torpor and Stupor at Johns Hopkins OR here at New Savanna
My Summer Job Working In Coal – Or, How I Learned About Class In America OR here at New Savanna
Donald Trump is no Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Ghost Dancing in the USA
In Favor of Small States – Are Meganations too Big to Succeed?
Kenan Malik Asks Some Questions about Culture and Its Appropriation
Other People’s Culture and the Problem of Identity
Why Disney’s Fantasia is a Masterpiece
Tezuka's Mighty Atom (Astro Boy) and the Japanese Take on Robots
Louis Armstrong and the Snake-Charmin’ Hoochie-Coochie Meme
Stuck in Traffic: The Story of Civilization
To Boldly Go To The Edge....Science In Everyday Life


Prelude and Exordium to the Ordination, Coronation, Inauguration, and Installation of the Grand High Singularity, Donald of Trump, Ruler of Universes Known, Unknown, Unimaginable and Phantasmagoric
Exposed! Daniel Everett Shines a Light on the Mind’s Dark Matter
We’re All in This Together: Life as Jamie Knows It
Martha Mills: Lawyer, Activist, Judge
Markos Vamvakaris: A Pilgrim on Ancient Byzantine Roads
Peace is Everybody’s Business, Nobody’s Job
A Brexit State of Mind: The Vision Thing
Grandpa, Proust, Ulysses and World War II
Ecstasy at Baltimore’s Left Bank Jazz Society
Break! How I Busted Three Trumpeters Out of a Maryland Prison
Jerry Seinfeld and Barack Obama Have a Meeting of the Minds
Three Moments in America’s Conversation on Race
Secrets of Pink Elephants Revealed


The United States Needs a Department of Peace
Why Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises is Not Morally Repugnant
Have the Internets Rotted My Brain and Wrecked My Mind?
Robert Frost, Time Traveler: The Road Not Taken
A White Blackman
Obama’s Pinckney Eulogy and the Place of Religious Discourse in Civic Life
Pontifex as Bridge Builder: the Encyclical Laudato Si
The Next 100 Years in the Human Sciences, a Reply to Frank Wilczek's Remarks about Physics
OK to Destroy: Jersey City's Graffiti Jam of April 2015
The Magic of the Bell and a Glimpse of Spirits
Cultural Styles in the 21st Century, or the High Tech Debt to Africa
Charlie Keil's Simple Appeal to the Pope on Behalf of the Future
Western Culture is an Ideological Fiction, and so are the Rest


Free-Floating Anxiety, Teens and Security Theatre
American Craziness: Where it Came from and Why it Won't Work Anymore
Evolving to the Future, the Web of Culture
Macroanalysis and the Directional Evolution of Nineteenth Century English-Language Novels
It's Time to Change the World, Again
Sing Me a Song of Hyperobjects: Starting Over with Humans and Other Creatures in the 21st Century CE 
Graffiti is the Most Important Art Form of the Last Half-Century...
Graffiti and the Spirit of the Place
The Only Game in Town: Digital Criticism Comes of Age 
Bundling, Dream Space, Love and the Farmer's Daughter
Some Varieties of Musical Experience
An Astonishing Tale about the Origins of Golf: A True Story
Charlie Keil: Groovologist


Two Problems for the Human Sciences, and Two Metaphors

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