Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pluralism: Terence Blake and Agent Swarm

Just (re-)discovered Terrence blake and his blog, Agent Swarm. Been reading around here and there. There's a nice series of posts on Paul Feyerabend. Try the fifth, Ontological Pluralism vs Constructivism. Here's an interesting one on Harman and Eddington's tables (one of several): PLURALIST ONTOLOGY: Let a Thousand Tables Bloom! A couple others: Multiple Worlds and Post-Identity, Friendship and Multiple Worlds: Kindness and Wariness, and Abundance vs Withdrawal: The real does not withdraw, it abounds.

Abundance is, I believe, very important. My teacher and colleague, the late David Hays, used to say the world was fecund, a kindred notion, I believe.

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  1. Thanks for the linking. I have foregrounded our discussion by publishing it in a new post, in the hope of opening the discussion more widely. Thanks also for your very interesting comments.