Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Fotos: Morning light in Hoboken







  1. the front guard speaks back to the back guard

    and it is what it is

    the front guard speak back because it cannot speak forward (to the back guard)

    and it speaks because it speaks

    and it speaks back to the back guard because the back guard is there

    there are a couple of corolarries to that

    about the oblivion of "God" and about the dominance of the Chinese

    i will try to explain these

    if i get bast through the junk that you post here

    1. Who the fuck are you and why do you insist on posting random chatter on my blog?

  2. this stuff is hard to get out

    and it loses some fervor when it is enclosed

    as usual I put some guards to guard rail myself

    and I dont know where they are

    because the oblivion not only does it have to be present
    it also has to be oblivious

    the being becomes oblivious to the facts it wants to achieve

    the oblivion of "God" is present

    and the oblivion is oblivious itself

    otherwise the person would be tempted to switch to non-oblivion

    this also says that the chinese will not really dominate even if they beat the Americans

    according to my current projections there will be a very short lived dominance where they will rummage through a discrepid America