Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Green Villain Plots Galactic Skywriting Program from Secret R&D Lab on the Outskirts of Jersey City

Green Villain has enlisted the services of Bradley Ehrsam to craft the technology that will take it out of this world. These hyper-flux transducers have two modes of operation:


In afferent mode they detect those subtle fluctuations in The Force indicating the existence of opportunities for aesthetic intervention by any means necessary. In efferent mode they provide power for Green Villain's fleet of interstellar transport vehicles:

And here's the GV nerve center...


where Greg calls the shots in the far-flung GV empire:

Notice the prototype intergalactic mass driver on the shelf at the right edge of the photo. Finally, Jerkface has provided a hypothetical rendering of a creature for a star system far far away. The rendering, of course, is based on emanations detected by hyper-flux transducers:


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