Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Pluralism: Multiple Ontologies = Arenas of Abundance?

Near the end of this discussion, Massimo Pigliucci argues for a "plurality of ontologies" (c. 1:06:25). He suggests four (c. 1:09:28): 1) physical objects, 2) biological ontology (function), 3) social ontology, and 4) mathematics. 1:10:32. That seems a bit like the notion of Realms of Abundance that I argued for some years ago: Matter, Life, Culture, and now, just emerging, an Arena of Abundance. See:
The end up pointing out, for example, panpsychism an the absurd position motived by the assumption of metaphysical monism. That is, if we are allowed to think in terms of only one ontology, then we must conclude that even brute material objects has some form of however rudimentary consciousness. Hence, folks like David Chalmers and Galen Strawson need to rethink what they're up to.

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