Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bryant Watch: Territorial Marking

Levi Bryant’s latest post opens with a humdinger of a line:
Noticing the proliferation of neologisms in my thought lately– “phallusophy”, “Diotimatics”, “spectralogy”, etc. –I naturally found myself worrying whether or not there’s a structural psychosis at work in my theory.
Later on:
Likewise, I am endlessly proliferating neologisms, taking great delight in their invention (it’s at the core of my theoretical jouissance).
Um, err, I noticed this tendency from the get-go, starting with Bryant’s own custom coinage for his brand of thought: onticology. Other people make do with existing terms, or cobble phrases together from existing ones, but not Levi Bryant.

His Lacanian account of his theory engine's “structural psychosis” may be just the ticket. What I think, though, is that King Bryant needs his own court jester to make funny faces and rude noises when his jouissance gets out of control. The only jouissance I smell here is good old territorial marking juice.

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