Saturday, April 26, 2014

What is computing? It's more than doing sums!

Look at some of the presentations for the 2nd Workshop on Mind, Mechanism, and Mathematics (Mat 12-13, NYC):
  • Mark Braverman (Princeton University) - Protecting a Conversation Against Adversarial Interference
  • Rebecca Schulman (Johns Hopkins University) - Software for Matter: Programming the Morphogenesis, Replication and Metamorphosis of Everyday Things
  • Martin Davis (New York University and UC Berkeley) - Gödel, Mechanism, and Consciousness
  • Benjamin Koo (Tsinghua University) - CELL: A Cognitive Extreme Learning Lab
  • Paul Grant (University of Cambridge) - Synthetic Spatial Patterning Using Two-Channel Quorum-Sensing Signaling
Check out the Big Questions:
1. The Mathematics of Emergence: The Mysteries of Morphogenesis
2. Possibility of Building a Brain: Intelligent Machines, Practice and Theory
3. Nature of Information: Complexity, Randomness, Hiddenness of Information
4. How should we compute? New Models of Logic and Computation

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