Monday, December 7, 2015

Pastel fog on the Hudson River

My mind seems to be on hiatus for the moment, so writing is temporarily on hold. But I can still post photos. Here's another RGB (red-green-blue) series. It's a foggy day in Hoboken.

I like taking flicks in the fog. Why? Isn't it obvious? It's a whole different world in the fog. Softer, obviously. Conducive to the practice of minimal photography: what's the least obtrusive mark you can capture that will signify a photograph?

20151202-P1110790 grd1

20151202-P1110790 grd2

20151202-P1110790 grd3

And here's the original, that is, a rendering with minimal manipulation:


That's pretty close to being a monochrome photo. But if you look close you can see some color in the furled sail of the middle boat.


  1. Looks like you've got the Panettone color(s) of the year! A pastel pink and a pastel blue.

    1. We here at New Savanna strive to be fashion forward. LOL!