Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tags/labels at New Savanna: What's up with that?

I've listed New Savanna's tag cloud below, though of course it's over there to the right, with hyperlinks. What's up with that? Why so many? Is it useful?

I figure it's not terribly useful to someone coming to the blog and looking around. There are just too many of them, and the meaning of many/most of them is likely to be obscure.

But what about someone who has read an post and wants to find more like it? They'll find tags at the bottom of the post. Some of them will be quite general – literature, cognitive science, philosophy – while others are quite specific, proper names, for example: Bourdain, Lévi-Strauss, Nina Paley, Shakespeare. If, for example, you've just read Jerry Seinfeld & the Craft of Comedy and want to read more about Seinfeld. Clicking on Seinfeld will get you a lot closer than clicking on pop culture. That's why I've got all those tags.

And they're there for me. This, after all, is my mind that I'm pouring into this blog. We're approaching 5000 posts. How do I know what I've already written? I'm using the tag cloud to find stuff. I just search a page on a term I know is in the cloud, or I think is in the cloud, and shazaammm!!!! I'm there.

On the one hand I'd think that surely there must be a better way to do this, better tech. But, you know, whatever that tech is, I'm going to push the boundaries. Then I'll break the boundaries, and call for better tech. And so forth.

Even if I could achieve a VULCAN MIND MELD with New Savanna, that wouldn't do it either. It would be nice, sure, but I don't even know the contents of my own mind. This is a deep issue/problem.

* * * * *

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* * * * *

This, that thing up there ^ is a snapshot of a mind at work, a mind trying to grasp itself, a mind pulling itself up by its bootstraps, a mind extending and creating itself.

A mind at work.

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