Monday, October 22, 2012

Ascent: Vuh-lain Expedition, Day One

My name is Km-274 R’beqq. I’m a student of exo-anthropology at Flambo-Z Chameleon Hive.

Two weeks ago our scanners have picked up emanations coming from the third planet in System Zap-Bar-Kor of the KrumRum Sektor. The vibrations are strong, high in the green band, with strong accents across the spectrum.

These beings call themselves the Vuh-lains, of the GReeN’h.

A most unusual energy signature. It’s an indication of intelligent life. No, not only that, but Artistic Capability that’s reaching escape velocity. I have the honor of being on the team that’s going to meet them and follow their ascent into the G-Zone.

Our ship has locked onto the G signal. The building’s in view. We’ve landed on the roof.

And now, see down there, I can feel the force:





And over there to the left, there it is again:


On that wall, too. But look, there in the distance. A proud city. Powerful. Greedy. In eclipse. Falling stars, worms and ashes.


Classically, g-zones make their appearance in the ruins of great civilizations. The signs are right. I feel the force.

There’s an open door. Bright red. Those marks, what are they? Symbols of mystical power? Physical laws? Mathematical constructions? Names?



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