Saturday, March 4, 2023

Kimono Mom Cavorts like a child [No, really!]

The family prepares for a trip to Hong Kong and Dubai, where they’re going to a trade show to drum up business for Moe’s new Japanese Cooking Sauce. In the second shot we see Moto (only his hand) wrapping a bottle of it to go with them. Moe flashes passports in the third shot, and then Sutan does a quick turn into a bouncy crouch in the forth and fifth shots.

We’re off! Well, not quite yet. We have to finish packing.

Cavorting at 2:08 through to 2:50 or so, then to serious packing. Then we have a run in something of a cavorting style run at 4:35 (exaggerated movements, like a cartoon character). The house is a mess while they’re packing. And why not? Things to do. NOW! Sutan tries out her Totoro hat (6:44). Kawaii! BTW, their voices sound silly when you play the video at double speed. There’s some nonsense about pineapples at 10:06 ff. And then Sutan cavorts a bit on the run (10:34), just nudging into cavort territory, but not going deep into it. Now Sutan’s into it, serious cavorting (11:08). Crouch and wave your hands to the camera (11:24). “Keep it up, daddy.” A bit later Moe and Sutan deliver a commercial announcement (the video was sponsored by Sakuraco, a maker of snacks, and we all need snacks, no?).

Now we’re at the airport. No more cavorting. Off to Hong Kong! They’re staying in a private house. With friends? “I want to see the dog.” “Here’s such a beautiful toilet.” Sutan climbs onto the bed, standing up. No jumping on the bed? Or wasn’t the camera there for the fun?

We’re off to film a video with some YouTuber in Hong Kong.

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