Friday, March 31, 2023

"Smoke on the water" like you've never heard it before [I promise]


From the YouTube page:

Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water, played by a steam iron and two electric toothbrushes. 

I have started making Device Orchestra wireless. As a first step, I've now changed my microcontroller from Arduino Due to Raspberry Pi Pico for this video. The reason is that Raspberry Pi Pico W has built-in Wifi. I also need to change to a smaller microcontroller because, in the future, I'm going to have one microcontroller per device to reduce the length of wires. 

 I chose Smoke on the Water for this video partly because it has one of the guitar riffs that you might try if you're testing a new guitar. My Smoke on the Water testing on Raspberry Pi Pico was successful. Stay tuned for the next steps of the wireless Device Orchestra project! ***

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