Monday, March 27, 2023

Daisy Jones & The Six [Media Notes 88]

Daisy Jones & The Six is a ten-episode mini-series on Amazon Prime. I enjoyed it. The movie is framed as a series of interviews with band members years after the band had broken up.

It’s the story of a rock and roll band. The Dunne brothers join with friends in Pittsburgh to form a rock and roll band. The move to Los Angeles where they pick up a female keyboardist and go on tour, fronted by Bill Dunne. Meanwhile Daisy Jones is trying to find herself as a singer. After this that and the other she joins the band. She and Billy front the band together, which is now Daisy Jones and The Six.

The story revolves around the complicated attachments of Daisy and Billy. Their relationship is mercurial. They are partners and rivals as fronts for the band. Both are addicted to performing for an audience. They’re attracted to one another, as well. But is this a personal relationship or a product of their interaction in the band, where they also write material? Billy, moreover, is married, with a young daughter. Late in the series Daisy splits for Greece, where she finds a husband. She rejoins they band, they go on tour, sparks fly, it’s complicated.

It's the multiple conflicting attachments of Billy and Daisy that interests me. How does one anchor the soul? With another person, as lover, spouse, or even a child? With a band, the audience, music? All of those are in play.

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