About New Savanna

Humankind got its start on the African savannas some hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years ago. At various times in our cultural history we’ve moved to distinctly new cultural ground, as it were. And so we are moving now, and have been for the past half century. This blog, mostly intellectual, but not entirely so, is how I see that move. Intellectually, I'm broadly interested in culture and the brain. Within that compass, anything could show up here (but most likely won't). Literature and films (including animation), certainly, music as well, and graffiti. But, other things may show up as well. It's a blog, don't you know, it moves.

More practically, I’ve put a lot of stuff on the web before I decided to create New Savanna. In particular, I’ve made some eleventy-leven posts at The Valve. Most of them are ephemeral, but some have been more substantial. I’ve created annotated lists of some of them and you’ll find them here on this site:
A good many of those posts are fairly cerebral, but some aren’t. Some are fairly long as blog posts go (1500 words or more). But then, some of them are mostly photographs. That’s how it went at The Valve (where I still post), and that’s how it goes here.

Some posts will be moderately hard-core intellectual stuff, not technical, but you’ll have to want to read them. Others will be more relaxed, and a few are likely to be just plain brainless.

And so it goes.

If you’re curious about me, About Bill Benzon covers the BIG STUFF, but it doesn’t tell you that I’ve done a lot of technical writing and a fair amount of business journalism. It also has links to some of my other web hangouts.

Enjoy. Drop me a line, let me know what you think: bbenzon [@] mindspring [dot] com.