Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Parable of the Reeds (You Figure it Out)

I’m quite fascinated by reeds. And these reeds are tall, five, six, seven feet and more. I like to take closely bunched shots.

Here, notice that leaf just to the left of center:


There it is again, a bit further away:


But not really. I’m standing in the same place. Just changed focus.

Now, I’ve panned right, but also changed focus a bit. But you can still see that same reed, further to the left.


Look at the lens flare!

Now we’ve lost it, that reed we’ve been following:


But we’ve still got lens flare. But the angle’s changed on it. No doubt if I knew something about optics I could explain that. The direction of the lens has changed, but the sun’s still the same place in the sky.

And I’m still standing in pretty much the same place. Look at that broken reed that cuts diagonally across the center line, ‘moving’ toward the upper right. You can spot it in the previous photo.

It would be nice to print these, say, eighteen inches wide and mount then vertically on a panel, one above the other, a bit like a Chinese scroll painting.

[I wonder. Do the object-oriented ontologists observe the world even this closely? Or are they too busing jumping up and down about zombies and such? I do wonder about these folks.]

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