Saturday, June 15, 2013

History and Future of Higher Education

HASTAC is organizing a course on this topic. From the course description:
This is a curated collection of blog posts and op ed pieces on "The History and Future of Higher Education," a project initiated by the HASTAC alliance which is coordinating the teaching of a number of diverse courses, workshops, and reading groups, in different locations and online, on the future of higher education in the Spring/Winter term of 2014.  Anyone is invited to offer a course or informal learning program on this topic and include it as part of this project.

Below this introduction, you will find a collection (reposted from and other online publications) of posts, resources, forums, syllabi, sample assignments, tools, and other resources and information updates about this co-located, freeflowing, and loosely connected array of courses--many of which will have public, online, open components.  We are hoping for as much public engagement as possible.  We see this as bringing together mounting energies advocating on behalf of reinvigorated funding and new investment in education--with a particular emphasis on the importance of critical thinking, humanities content, peer-contribution, and 21st century literacies.  We are seeking the best new ideas for improving, informing, and reforming education as it exists today.

Right now (June 2013), we have confirmed co-located teaching of courses on some general or specific aspect of the history and/or future of higher education by:
  • Cathy Davidson, Interdisciplinary Studies and English, Duke University, "The History and Future of Higher Education" (draft course description)
  • Katie King, Women's Studies and American Studies, University of Maryland
  • David Palumbo-Liu, Comparative Literature, Stanford, "Histories and Futures of Humanistic Education:  Culture and Crisis, Books and MOOCs" (draft syllabus)
  • Howard Rheingold, independent scholar, author of Net Smart, UC Berkeley
  • Sean Michael Smith, Hybrid Pedagogy 
  • Jesse Stommel, Marylhurst and Hybrid Pedagogy
For more information, current resources, or to offer yourself and your resources, go to the current website. There's lots of stuff already there.

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