Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Once was bustling with people and trains

Taken on 22 May 2011, from the eastern end of the platform area:


Taken on June 26, 2011. I forget whether I was standing at the eastern end or on the northern side, but in either case I was using a long lens and shooting into the terminal. Notice the Ionic capital at the head of the column.




September 8, 2013, off the northwest corner of the terminal, with the Goldman Sachs Building to the left (Jersey City) and One World Center to the right (Lower Manhattan):


From the western end of the platform area. The terminal building at the eastern end was damaged by Hurricane Sandy and is still closed off, making the eastern end of the platform area in accessible. Notice that almost all the lush vegetation is gone. I don't know whether it was destroyed by Sandy or removed in the clean-up afterward.


Shooting into the terminal from the northern side:



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