Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Actor's Re-entry

Actors can become so immersed in their roles that they need a "re-entry" routine to reconnect with their mundane lives after a performance:
Indeed, one of the ways that she, Deborah Margolin, and others in the profession insulate themselves from their own work is by disengaging from their heightened level of concentration just as doggedly as they build it up. Naomi Lorrain, a student in the MFA Graduate Acting Program at NYU Tisch School of the Arts mentioned the importance of safe spaces, explaining that for her, school is a safe space to do the unsafe things that are required in acting.

“I can’t do a really intense role and then snap out of it. Mine is a slower progression out of a character, but I’m learning a lot of physical things that help me shake it off,” Lorrain says. “I’ve learned to develop a ritual, whether a vocal exercise or yoga, to bring me back to my center.”
This is a matter of behavioral mode, as I've discussed it so often on New Savanna.


  1. I found the articles emphasis on the stylistic features of American acting a bit problematic.

    I understand the issues I would describe them differently as I am trained in a different style.

    Dealing with these issues was a large part of training, the hybrid technique we used culled partly from Alexander technique and Laban movement, we were expected to incorporate into the observational processes. It does help, the level of observation/empathy you have to engage in is intense. You need to have something in place.

    Lee Strasbourg had my tutor flown over every summer to teach his students Rudi had been hand picked by Laurence Olivier.
    Style used by method actors and the way they describe the processes can be very different.I think the techniques required are the same.Very flag wavy article in the way it choose to present itself although some of the points raised were interesting.

  2. "You need to have something in place."


    "Very flag wavy article..."


  3. "You need to have something in place."

    In order to remain detached.

    I knew I had mangled that. The aspect of learning that is ingrained habitually into every -day life, you don't need to describe or have the shared descriptive terms too hand, that are need in order to explain.

    The multi-layered relationship between observation and movement, I lack the descriptive terms, to make any sense I suspect so I won't attempt.