Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump's Dilemma

Over on Facebook my old buddy from The Valve, Adam Roberts, has been reflecting on Trump's victory. Note that Adam is British, so his observations come from the periphery of the maelstrom. Here's where he ends up (after expressing despair):
In order to get elected Trump had to promise some catastrophic things and some impossible things. He is a serial con-artist, and his usual modus operandi is to work his con, bank the money and move on. He has now, for reasons of ego and narcissism, put himself in a position where he has nowhere to hide. It's all scrutiny, day in day out, through all four of the next four years, by the whole world. And the key thing is: he has literally no idea how to do the job which his ego had pushed him into taking. He has no experience and no aptitude and no idea how hard the role is he's blagged for himself. It'll be a slow start, but as his term goes on he'll do nothing to help his core support, because there's nothing he can do -- he can't remake the USA as a manufacturing economy, he can't reopen coal mines. Instead he'll cut taxes, starve the federal budget, pour money into pointless projects like 'The Wall', start trade wars with the rest of the world. He will perpetrate gaff after gaff. He'll delegate almost everything and then discover, to his chagrin, that he, not his subordinates, gets the blame when things don't work out the way his magical thinking promised. When things do go wrong he will bluster and lie and so on, but things in the US will get worse and get most worse for the core Trump demographic. He's doomed. His chapter in US History as the worst ever US President is in the bag. One could almost feel sorry for the guy.
You can read Adam's whole post below, along with comments.

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