Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Fotos: Los Alamos, home of the a-bomb

I didn't take these photographs. They're from a Flickr collection posted by Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the first atomic bomb was built and tested during World War II. Mouse over the photos to see identification.

1943 Los Alamos Project Main Gate

Back in the day

Dean Keller and Gasbuggy Recording Equipment


NRDS Station at Jackass Flat

Area 17 Control Point

160-inch Drill Bit

ACF Albuquerque Assembly Coldflow Foundry Kiwi A Welding55

British Mission Party12

Big House

New Fatman Model
Description from source: The Bradbury Science Museum will be getting a new model of the Fatman atomic weapon used in World War II. We would like photos of the model coming into the museum and being setup for display. These will be for the NewBulletin and the Newsletter along with a very high quality newscentric image or two sutiable for shopping around to the local and national media (i.e. newpapers etc.) that will be used to get some positive press coverage for the Laboratory.

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