Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Fotos: Thursday Morning

I had breakfast yesterday at my favorite diner, the Malibu, on 14th street in Hoboken. Here I'm sitting in my booth looking out at an apartment complex. The blue lights are inside the Malibu and you can see part of frosted "M" on the window.


After breakfast I decided to take a stroll. So I went over a bridge to Weehawken, where I saw a variety of graffiti. This next photo is deceptive. At first glance it appears out of focus, but then if you look closely you can see tiny lines and spatters on the surface.


I've now touched ground in Weehawken and am heading back to Hoboken. I see a row of birches along the way.


Now I'm walking along the river, past an abandoned pier. Some are in worse shape than this one. Some are entirely gone. And so have been preserved and fixed up. Looks like the gulls and geese are migrating for the winter.


Finally, I tracked this small tug and barge moving a crane down river. The tall building in the center is One World Center.


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