Friday, May 14, 2021

Give Nina money ($$$$) so she can create more MysticSymbolic AWESOMENESS! {pretty, pretty please, pretty pretty please please}

Here's the fundraiser: MysticSymbolic Development. About:

MysticSymbolic currently lets you randomly generate “creatures ” - really compositions - using a vocabulary of over 100 visual symbols I’ve been designing and testing over the last several weeks.

The same symbols appear in randomly-generated mandalas , with some limited animation functions. Atul also made these controllable animated waves , based on the way I animate waves in my films . Thanks to the contributions of Maneesh Yadav, we have the beginnings of procedurally-generated colors; thanks to contributor Dave Weaver, we have experiments running on a separate web site .

But these represent the mere embryo of what MysticSymbolic will be, if we can get some quality dedicated coder time. Then it will be able to generate complete compositions with animated backgrounds and harmonious colors. [...]

What do you get for contributing? MysticSymbolic is a Free Culture, Open Source Software project. We’re giving it to everyone as we create it, and you can use the assets or fork the software already. But there will be more and better assets to use and code to fork, if we can afford more work-time.

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