Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday Fotos: Steven Vizena’s “Trapped in a Two Dimensional World” as interpreted through the lens of shaky-cam


Vizena’s artist’s statement (& his website):
My artwork is about enhancing ones reality through better utilization of our visual capacities and awareness of our environment in the here and now. The works are intended to stimulate the viewer’s vision – engaging them to reflect, consider and connect in a personal way.

This display also deals with these elemental issues of connection to the world around us in the moment and between our body and spirit in the context of the Halloween story.

“TRAPPED IN A TWO DIMENSIONAL WORLD” depicts a “Robot” atop an “Internet Cloud” configuration of three “Processors” streaming three different “feeds” to the groups of “mobile” phones connected to them. The faces on the phones depict people consumed and trapped in the two dimensional world of their video streams. “Evolving technology” in robotics, machine learning, AI, VR, etc. and increasing applications and integration of them into our daily lives is altering our social behavior, work, and family dynamics.

New technology advances our civilization and changes it. Consider that it can connect, but also disconnect, isolate, displace and segregate us into targeted groups based on any factors – income, age, color, race, religion, politics, etc.. Like minded, less diverse groups of people create a climate of less tolerance for difference, inclusions and value of varied perspectives.
All of these photos, of course, reside in the cloud.










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