Sunday, February 12, 2023

Hilary Hahn doing the work [Season 6, days 43 & 46]

Been listening to Karl Richter’s Toccata & Fugue. It’s rock and roll and exquisite at the same time, and organ voicing in fugues is ear opening when you start to layer it on top of these solo works.
Also worked on a Two-Part Invention on piano this morning.

Side note: I intentionally post without doing extra makeup, and I don’t stage my practice sessions. I notice that men seem to be more comfortable doing this than musicians of other gender identities. There are many, many reasons for this, and they run deep.

Here to remind you that it’s the work that counts, and that if you feel comfortable with the idea, it could matter to be seen doing the work. 

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Check out an old post: Hilary Hahn on daydreaming as a mode of practicing music, of priming yourself to go with the flow in performance.

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