Saturday, February 4, 2023

Philosopher Martha Nussbaum - Justice for Animals

Cows dying in a barn fire, chimpanzees struggling to survive in a shrinking jungle, and whales stranding with kilos of plastic in their stomachs. Animals are in trouble all over the world. And we, humans, are causing their suffering. Our species dominates the lives of other animals everywhere on the planet. According to world renowned philosopher Martha Nussbaum, animals should be able to live a flourishing, natural life. And as the earth’s dominating inhabitants, we have a responsibility to secure this freedom of other species. Come and learn from Spinozalens laureate 2022, who will plead – via Zoom – how we can treat both domestic as well as wild animals ethically.

Justice for Animals | Lecture via Zoom by philosopher Martha Nussbaum | Tuesday 8 November 2022| De Lindenberg, Nijmegen

H/t 3 Quarks Daily.

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