Monday, February 20, 2023

AI art don't get no respect [And that's the truth, Ruth]

Millet K., Buehler F., Du G. & Kokkoris M., Defending humankind: Anthropocentric bias in the appreciation of AI art, Computers in Human Behavior (2023), doi:


  • AI-made art poses an ontological threat to anthropocentric worldviews that artistic creativity is uniquely human.
  • Humans perceive the same artwork as less creative and awe-inspiring when it is labeled as AI-made (vs. human made).
  • The bias is more pronounced among people with stronger anthropocentric creativity beliefs.


We argue that recent advances of artificial intelligence (AI) in the domain of art (e.g., music, painting) pose a profound ontological threat to anthropocentric worldviews because they challenge one of the last frontiers of the human uniqueness narrative: artistic creativity. Four experiments (N = 1708), including a high-powered preregistered experiment, consistently reveal a pervasive bias against AI-made artworks and shed light on its psychological underpinnings. The same artwork is preferred less when labeled as AI-made (vs. human-made) because it is perceived as less creative and subsequently induces less awe, an emotional response typically associated with the aesthetic appreciation of art. These effects are more pronounced among people with stronger anthropocentric creativity beliefs (i.e., who believe that creativity is a uniquely human characteristic). Systematic depreciation of AI-made art (assignment of lower creative value, suppression of emotional reactions) appears to serve a shaken anthropocentric worldview whereby creativity is exclusively reserved for humans.

H/t Tyler Cowen.


  1. Humans prefer other human expression. So, what's the bother?

    1. Oh, I think they're just reporting a consequence of suddenly finding these strange beings in our midst.

    2. Lacking nuance, I'd say. "Profound ontological threat to anthropocentric worldviews" sounds like Fox News. Lol!
      Some of the academic world loses its bearings easily. Ya can't have AI over for supper. Eating up or being eaten seems like a boundary worth remembering.