Thursday, February 2, 2023

Training costs of deep learning systems, including the human mind

To which I have replied:

One might also ask, what is the training cost of clever ape minds? Considered in maximum generality, it is the cost of animal evolution – and I suppose that, if we wish, we could push that back to the cost of evolution in general. The cost of training the mind of one specific clever ape is, of course, considerably lower.

What am I trying to say there? I am certainly saying that real minds, at any rate, organic minds, are creatures from history. The start from close to nothing and bootstrap themselves into existence through some kind of procedure. An evolutionary procedure?

What is it that allowed clever apes to become human? I present one kind of answer in this post, which is based on a conceptual impulse that struct me in graduate school: UFO Events, a Thought Experiment about the Evolution of Language. I present a somewhat more fleshed out answer in Synch, Song, and Society, which is a review of Steven Mithen's book, The Singing Neanderthals (pp. 78-82), which I published in Human Nature Review. In any event, the procedure, whatever its mechanical details, involves communicating with others.

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