Monday, August 28, 2017

Hurricane Harvey update

Here's a podcast featuring Tim Morton, speaking from the flood. He and his family are OK, though a bit wet. He's discussing the hurricane and philosophy. "But is it a hyperobject, Tim?" Tim gets this question ALL the time now, as though he's adjudicator-in-chief for hyperobects. He is not, and, yes, Hurricane Harvey is a hyperobject.

Hey, Professor Tim? Is this flotilla of fire ants a hyper object?
"You're on your own, Grasshopper."


  1. I read some of Tims blog listened to this along with an interview by Harman and a latour essay.

    It is interesting and I don't disagree, some form of oversell though and the inflection is very narrow.

    Academic rehtorical style at times seems to contradict what they are saying.

    Reminds me of Foucault. Postmodernisim in an institutional setting seemed to have no relationship with what I read.

    O.O.O to my mind has not resolved the issue and seems in danger of replicating it.

    Something about it makes me very uncomfortable not what it says more to do with how it seeks to demonstrate.

  2. I don't have an issue with contradiction and error. I should be able to use this but it is dressed in old clothing and presents no means of escape.