Thursday, August 24, 2017

Splish Splash




  1. When I first heard Nina Paley's the godmother. I could not come up with a word better than 'Stunning!.'

    I could not describe the sense: animation was difficult to see at first as the music was so dazzling, blinding at first and difficult to focus on anything else.

    This morning I find the word 'astoidi' an argument
    among modern translators: Should it refer to the roaring of the sea or a waterfall as it hits a cliff?

    Or the reflected rays of the sun on water.?

    The term refers to both things. Yet when translated or glossed in writing only one sense is given.

    Dazzling is the word for the God-mother I think. But with an early Irish sense of it as a quality of both sight and sound.

    Pics Dazzle as well. I can now remeber to hear as well as see them.