Friday, January 27, 2023

Taking stock of your life, backstage, who's more nervous? [Kimono Mom]

Starting at c. 0:28:

Moe: This is Mr. Nakajima the head of KUDEN. KUDEN is a stage where you can talk about your life experiences in 15 minutes. Many famous Japanese executives have spoken at KUDEN in the past. It was my first time to even give a speech so I practice with his help for a month. In this meeting he asked me about my past experiences. About my childhood, when I was Maiko(Geisha), my first marriage, remarriage, childbirth...Actually I haven't had much time to look up on my life so far. But I realized this is a very important work for the rest of my life.

Nakajima: Tell me more inside of your mind. The thing you said that stuck with me the most was.."A lifetime is too short to truly love someone, so try your best to cherish the person being with you. And that there are always key people at the crossroads of your life who can give you advice."

Moe: That's what I realized again when I was talking to you today.

About 9:57:

Moto: "You did it!"


Moe: "How was it?"

I was so nervous that as I was speaking, my hand froze in front of my chest like this, and I kept thinking about when to move it!

Moto: Yeah, all the while, you seemed to be wondering how to move your hands"

Moe: I read in a book that people who are good at giving speeches move their hands naturally like this while speaking, but I was so nervous that my hands froze! But I was thinking from start to finish that it was strange to have my hands frozen like this!

And then.. The speeches were mostly about things I had never told anyone before, so people who saw them might be surprised. It took a lot of courage for me to tell this story because I don't think I am who you imagine me to be.

So I'm a little scared of your reaction, but let me know what you think. I'm glad I could share with you guys my life so far.

Moto: It was good opportunity for you. Good job, Moe!

Moe: Thank you for your support, Moto. We did it. Cheers!

Here's the speech she gave.

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