Friday, June 10, 2022

GPT-3 is confused about February 29 [step-by-step doesn't help]

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  1. Common sense, understanding and serious repetition leaves me associating the tail end of that with this.

    First meeting with a lecturer (admin issue)

    educational professional " I don't know what dyslexia is"

    Me 'give a simple example from daily life of a sequencing/ short term memory issue'

    educational professional "oh, I do that as well."

    The 'we' here indicates the report and recommendation from an educational psychologist is going to be ignored and in the interest of 'fairness' I will be treated just like everyone else.

    Left feeling like a dog on its hind legs begging for scraps (GPT senior managers description)

    I would not use these formula's personally they are too familiar in an a professional educational setting.