Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Fotos: Dinner at the Malibu Diner, and a short walk afterward [#5998]

The Malibu Diner is, say, four blocks from my apartment. I eat there, oh, every other week. They know me. Once I forget to bring my wallet. Whoops! No problem, we know you, you can pay next time. That kind of place. 

I'm sitting in a booth. That's the front door at the center left.

Mmmmm....pie. Apple crumb.

Dinner's over. I'm standing just outside the door looking at the corner of Park Ave. and 14th Street.

Now I've crossed Park Ave. and am looking up the 14th St viaduct, which leads to the Heights section of Jersey City. The Malibu is just to the left.

A couple blocks away, that's Weehawken Cove to the left. If you look closely at the waterline on the left you can see the mast of a small boat that's sunk in the cover. There are about a half-dozen of them. I suppose it's cheaper to abandon the boats than to recover them.

Of course that's Manhattan over the across the river and that's the new Hudson Yards development at the center. It's built over a large railroad yard. You can see The Empire State Building to the right. Notice the slight pinkish tinge. Sunset.

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